Top 10 Best Automatic Trash Can in 2021 Reviews

The best automatic trash can is equipped with motion sensor technology that allows hands-free operation. This is very important as it helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

The trash container is also well made, and, in most cases, it is waterproof.  Needless to say, the trash can is suitable for the bathroom, kitchen, office, home, and bedroom, among others.

It not only provides a convenient place to throw trash but also seals in odor to make sure your living space is always smelling clean and healthy. Check out the reviews below to see which brands we are giving the nod.

List Best Automatic Trash Can in 2021

01. iTouchless SensorCan Touchless Trash Can, 13 Gallon

The motion of your hand is the only thing needed to open the lid of the iTouchless Trash Can. It is a thoughtfully-designed can that opens automatically to make sure you avoid exposure to disease-causing germs and bacteria that tend to make the surface of the trash can their home.

One AbsorbX Natural Activated Carbon Odor Filter comes with this trash can. It absorbs and neutralizes odors from the trash can, thereby, smelling fresh, healthy, and clean. The trash can works with 4 D size batteries (not included).

And since the can does not draw a lot of power, batteries can last up to 1.5 years. If for some reason, you do not prefer batteries then you can power the trash can via an optional AC adapter (sold separately).


  • Fits a lot of trash in a discrete manner
  • Looks attractive wherever it is placed
  • The price is affordable
  • Well built and lasts longer


  • The opening is a bit small

02. NINESTARS Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can

NINESTARS Touchless Trash Can is special in the sense that the infrared motion sensor it is equipped with is water-resistant. This means moisture and accidental spills will not damage it.

The stainless steel base of this garbage can is also well built. It is resistant to fingerprints, and this makes the can very easy to keep clean.
The delay sensing technology is another reason why you should buy this can.

It preserves battery life as well as preventing any unnecessary opening of the lid by kids, pets, and walking by. There is also a soft-closing function that helps extend the life of the trash can. It is worth noting that this garbage can requires 2D and 3C batteries (not included) to work.


  • It is worth the money
  • Opens even when you are not right in front of it
  • Fits nicely in nearly every space
  • Hands-free design helps prevent the spread of bacteria and germs


  • On/off switch is inside the can

03. SensorCan Battery-FREE Automatic Sensor Kitchen Trash Can (13 Gallon)

SensorCan Kitchen Trash Can features a 100-percent touchless infrared motion sensor that eliminates the need to touch the lid. Simply move your hand over the lid and it will open automatically. The trash can is 13 gallons and can hold up to a week’s worth of trash.

Better yet, this garbage can is compact and boasts a space-saving design despite the huge capacity. It has an adaptable and versatile slim, oval shape that, apart from saving lots of space, looks neat and blends with nearly all types of kitchen décor.

You can also place this trash can in the lobby, garage, office, etc. The stainless steel construction is smudge-resistant and fingerprint-proof. It is also modern-looking. Moreover, this trash can is covered with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind during buying.


  • The AC adapter is a nice addition
  • Makes a wonderful addition to a remodeled kitchen
  • Has a nice wide opening
  • Comes packed very securely


  • Removing the cover for the battery compartment is quite tough

04. iTouchless 4 Gallon Sensor Trash Can with Odor Filter

The sensor-operated lid makes the iTouchless 4 Gal. Trash Can very easy to open and close. You do not need to open the trash can with your hands, and this is very hygienic. The can comes with a lemon-scented fragrance cartridge and an odor filter.

This gives total control of odors. Besides, this trash can is suitable for the kitchen, office, and bathroom, among others. The body is made of stainless steel, which looks elegant and greatly improves the aesthetics of the can.

The lid, on the other hand, is made of silver-colored ABS plastic. The plastic construction is of good quality and will stand the test of time. The body is resistant to fingerprints and is extremely easy to clean.


  • The design is clean and simple
  • The size is perfect for most kitchens
  • Holds the bag nicely in place
  • Holds a lot of trash


  • The motion sensor does not seem to work when the can is placed under a sink

05. iTouchless 14 Gallon Sliding Lid Touchless Sensor Trash Can

iTouchless 14 Gal. Trash Can features a rectangular space-saving shape. It can be fitted even in very tight corners and places. Despite the space-saving design, this trash can boasts a capacity of 14 gallons.

It holds a lot of trash, and this makes it perfect for a busy family kitchen. The can is also suitable for offices. It is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean, considering that it is fingerprint-proof and smudge-resistant. Stainless steel construction also gives the garbage can a stylish and modern look.

Furthermore, this can is 100-percent automatic. The lid retracts automatically when the sensor detects the motion of your hand. The hands-free design makes the trash can very hygienic and convenient to use.


  • The trash bag does not rip when it is removed from the can
  • Does not move around
  • The slide open top is amazing
  • Does not let odor out


  • The lid makes a little noise when opening or closing

06. AmazonBasics Automatic Motion Sensor Trash Can, 50 Liter/13.2 Gallon

AmazonBasics 50 Liter/13.2 Gallon Trash Can is powered by a couple of AmazonBasics D alkaline batteries. What’s even better, these batteries come with the trash can. And if you think the price of the can is extremely high because of this, you are wrong.

The can is reasonably priced; hence, it is a wonderful purchase for someone on a budget. The automatic hands-free lid allows you to operate the can without touching the surface. Moreover, this can feature a well-thought-out design that enables it to fit nicely in narrow spaces.

It also looks modern and stylish; meaning it is not just great for the kitchen but also you can place it in the office or bathroom. You can also place it in a high-traffic area where the addition of a trash container will be hugely appreciated.


  • Opens and closes quietly
  • The outside of the can stays clean
  • Auto-sensing can be turned off
  • The can is easy to use


  • The red LED, which seems to blink indefinitely, is kind of annoying

07. NINESTARS Automatic 13 Gal 50L Trash Can (DZT-50-98BK)

NINESTARS DZT-50-98BK is designed with convenience in mind. It comes with a removable ring liner that holds a trash bag nicely in place; making sure the bag does not overhang. Well, this helps create a neat look. The trash container works with any standard trash bags.

You can also use it with NINESTARS custom trash bags. The motion sensor of this trash container is built to last. It is water-resistant to make sure moisture or accidental spills do not damage it.

The trash container also features a stainless steel base that is resistant to fingerprints and is extremely easy to keep clean. Other features of this can are delay sensing technology and soft-closing function.


  • The motion detection works as described
  • The black finish is sleek
  • High quality and seems durable
  • The black finish hides spill well
  • Does not drain batteries


  • The opening is a little too small

08. NINESTARS 12 Gal 45L Automatic Tap Trash Can, TTT-45-8

NINESTARS TTT-45-8 is covered by a 2-year warranty. The manufacturer does not stop there – it also promises a dedicated customer service that is ready to help you at no additional charges for the defective parts.

Well, perhaps, one of the reasons why the manufacturer is so generous is that the trash can is made with premium materials. The motion sensor, for instance, is water-resistant, and, therefore, it will not be damaged by moisture or accidental spills.

The motion sensor is also quiet and will not scare pets or bother you in one way or another. Moreover, this trash container features a removable ring liner that helps make it convenient to use. It is ideal for the bedroom, kitchen, home, office, kid’s room, dorm room, etc.


  • The price is great
  • Arrives very well packaged
  • Batteries last longer than imagined
  • The toe-tap feature promotes convenience


  • Putting a bag in it is quite challenging

09. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can Set

AmazonBasics Trash Can Set includes 2 trash cans to provide you with more than enough space to dump waste. Both of these trash containers are rectangular, and, therefore, will easily fit in tight spaces. One of these trash cans is 12 liters and the other is 50 liters.

That being said, if you are looking for a trash can for 2 separate rooms (e.g. kitchen and bathroom), this set is worth considering. They have a motion sensor feature that allows you to open them without the use of hands.

This is great because it prevents the spread of bacteria as well as making sure odor is effectively locked. These containers also boast delay motion sensor technology, which prevents accidental opening by kids, pets, or residual motion.


  • Motion detection is as described
  • They improve the aesthetics of the kitchen
  • The set arrives securely packaged
  • The set comes with batteries


  • The material seems to dent easily

10. HCB Trash Can Automatic Waste Bin

HCB Waste Bin is equipped with a high-tech induction device. This high-tech enables the waste bin to open quickly upon detecting the proximity of a human hand or an object. The device also closes the lid automatically within five seconds after the trash is dumped in the can.

What’s more, the trash container has an innovative closing and opening design that ensures silent operation. Needless to say, it will not bother anyone when closing or opening. The body is made of stainless steel; hence, it is both fashionable and sturdy.

It is waterproof and extremely easy to clean. The fully enclosed design helps contain the peculiar smells of kitchen waste; thereby, keeping the kitchen fresh and healthy. You can put this trash container anywhere you want, including in the bathroom.


  • It is shipped very fast
  • Arrives packed nicely and is easy to assemble
  • The slim design fits almost anywhere
  • The ring inside encloses the trash bag


  • A little shorter than expected

Buying Guide – Best Automatic Trash Can

We have also written a simple guide on how to choose a suitable automatic garbage can.


If you are looking for a trash can for a high-traffic area then picking something with a large capacity makes a lot of sense. A large trash container eliminates the need to empty it time after time. It, however, tends to take up much space; hence, you may want to avoid it if the place you plan to put it does not see a lot of trash.

Touchless technology

The touchless technology of your trash container should be reliable and responsive in the sense that it opens quickly immediately it senses your hand. It should also close relatively fast after you have thrown in the trash. Also, if possible, go for a trash container with delay sensing technology to prevent kids, pets, and residual motion from unnecessarily opening the lid.

Build Quality

Because of the advanced features they are packed with, automatic waste bins tend to be costlier than standard trash cans. For this reason, you should try to only spend money on a quality container built with premium materials such as stainless steel and ABS plastic.


Automatic trash cans are very easy and convenient to use. They also curb the spread of disease-causing bacteria and germs. Nonetheless, getting one is not as straightforward as most people think. That’s why we urge you to check out the above reviews before purchase.

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