Top 10 Best 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet in 2021 Reviews

The best 3 drawer filing cabinet provides a nice, convenient place to store files and other documents. As its name suggests, this office organizer has 3 drawers that normally serve different functions.

For instance, the top drawer is always narrow, and, therefore, suitable for storing pens, papers, cell phones, and other accessories.

The bottom drawer is high-sided; hence, it is great for storing F4, A4, legal, and letter-size hanging file folders. In these reviews, we bring you top-notch brands to help make your purchase easier.

01. Lorell Black File Cabinet

The material used to make the Lorell File Cabinet is steel. Needless to say, this cabinet is incredibly sturdy and will last longer. The cabinet is also stylishly designed so it can do more than just providing convenient storage space. It has stylish embossed drawer fronts that look really amazing.

Furthermore, this cabinet is equipped with easy-roll casters that make it easy to move in the office. There is also a smooth suspension featuring a ¾ drawer extension. The cabinet weighs 23 pounds, and its dimensions are 14.3 inches wide by 18 inches deep by 24.5 inches high.

It is high and will comfortably accommodate your letter-size, hanging file folders. This cabinet also features a lock to keep your cabinets secure. The lock is designed in such a way that it secures both drawers.


  • Works well as a desk
  • Looks great in the office
  • Putting the cabinet together is a breeze
  • The cabinet is not too heavy


  • Metal edges are pretty sharp

02. Lorell SOHO Black Mobile Cabinet (LLR17427)

Lorell LLR17427 is designed to provide you with a neat place to store files and supplies. On the top section, it features an accessory drawer. Well, this particular drawer is ideal for keeping cell phones, cables, tablets, and small supplies.

The cabinet also features a couple of file drawers that are easy to pull; thanks to the smooth glide suspension. Drawers have a full high-side that enables them to accommodate letter-size, hanging folders. Lorell LLR17427 also features a lock that secures the 2 top drawers.

Plus it has 4 casters that will let you move it easily where you need it to be. An 18 inches deep, optional casket kit comes with this 3-drawer organizer to make sure you are 100-percent content with your purchase.


  • The price is inexpensive
  • Nicely constructed and looks good
  • The built-in lock is useful
  • Perfect for use at home to keep documents
  • Wheels appear to be very sturdy


  • The lock only locks two drawers

03. Lorell 18 Deep 2-Drawer File Cabinet, 14341

Lorell 14341 is ideal for home offices and small public offices. It measures 14.3 by 18 by 24 inches. It will not take up much space, and that’s why it makes a wonderful addition to a room where space is invaluable. The file cabinet features 2 lockable drawers. This makes it suitable for keeping crucial documents and files.

It is made of steel for long-lasting performance. As if that’s not enough, the steel construction features a baked enamel finish to help improve look and durability. The cabinet weighs just 19 pounds despite being solidly constructed.

Moreover, the aforementioned drawers are high-sided to easily keep letter size folders. This drawer organizer also features a glide suspension system that helps make the drawers incredibly easy to pull and push.


  • Arrives in good condition with no scratches or dents
  • It is shipped very fast
  • Handles do not take long to attach
  • Can fit under a standard office table


The cabinet tends to tip towards you if you open the drawers fully

04. Calico Designs Locking 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

The overall dimensions of the Calico Designs 3-Drawer File Cabinet are 15.75 inches wide by 22 inches deep by 22.75 inches high. The inside dimensions of the supply drawer are 12.5 inches wide by 17.25 inches deep by 2 inches high, whereas, the inside dimensions of the file drawer are 12 inches wide by 15.25 inches deep by 10 inches high.

That being said, you can use this filing cabinet to store letter- or legal-size files. The caster on the file drawer prevents the organizer from tipping.

There is also a ridged top, which, in turn, features a lip to prevent supplies from slipping off. All the 3 drawers are lockable to keep files and supplies secure. Two keys are provided for convenience.


  • Made of strong, metal construction
  • Fits nicely under most desks
  • Casters are sturdy and move easily over medium-thick carpets
  • Edges and corners are smooth and slightly rounded


  • The divider in the bottom drawer is quite flimsy

05. SONGMICS Steel File Cabinet 3 Drawer with Lock, UOFC60WT

The modern finish and sleek appearance make the SONGMICS File Cabinet an excellent addition to an office or home study room. It is a mobile 3-drawer cabinet designed to keep your files and office supplies organized. It rolls on wheels, and this means you can easily move it wherever you want.

Although this cabinet has 3 drawers, you can still fit it under your desk to save valuable space. What’s more, the cabinet has a total of 5 casters where one is under the file drawer to increase stability.

Another good thing about this cabinet is that all of its 3 drawers are lockable to keep everything inside secure. The deep high-sided bottom drawer features 2 extra steel hanging rails, and it can accommodate F4, A4, legal-size, and letter-size suspension files.


  • Does not require assembly
  • Arrives looking very well packed
  • The construction is solid
  • Customer support is outstanding


  • Opening two drawers at once are quite a task

06. Monarch Specialties White 3 Drawer File Cabinet on Casters

If you have a white hollow-core table or desk, the Monarch Specialties 3-Drawer File Cabinet is what you should go for. It helps create more storage, thereby, making your office organized.

If you already have a file cabinet tucked under your desk then you can use this unit to display a printer, a lamp, or other decorative items. It is white and blends nicely into any office décor. And, as its name suggests, the cabinet has 3 storage drawers.

This cabinet also features stylish chrome metal accents that further improve its aesthetics. It weighs 44 pounds, which is a clear indication that it is solidly built. It also has decent dimensions, which are 18 by 19 by 26 inches.


  • Arrives well packed with plenty of protection
  • Assembly instructions are intuitive
  • The price is right
  • Available in many colors to choose from


  • The file drawer is a little too narrow for legal file hangers

07. Monarch Specialties Brown 3 Drawer File Cabinet

Monarch Specialties Brown File Cabinet features 3 drawers. The top 2 of these are ideal for storing papers, pens, accessories, books, and rulers, among others. The bottom drawer, on the other hand, is perfect for keeping standard and legal-size folders.

That being said, this 3-drawer filing cabinet will keep your files organized in a nice, easy-to-access space. The cabinet is modern, and, therefore, will not just provide a perfect place to keep your files but also will help improve the aesthetics of your office.

It is also compactly sized; hence, it will fit in whichever place you set it up without any issues. The total number of castors this cabinet has is Two of them are locking, while three are non-locking.


  • Customer service is wonderful
  • Dimensions are as advertised
  • The castors work as expected
  • The color is as described
  • It is shipped quickly and well packed


  • Assembly takes longer than usual, though, it is easy

08. Flash Furniture 3-Drawer Mobile Locking Filing Cabinet

The interior of the Flash Furniture 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet is well thought out. There is a removable pencil tray as well as a file conversion bar to help you file longer documents quickly and easily.

The cabinet is designed to hold F4, A4, legal, and letter files. Its overall size is 16 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 24 inches high.

The size of the top and middle drawers is 13 inches wide by 18.75 inches deep by 4.5 inches high, while the size of the bottom drawer is 13 inches wide by 18.75 inches deep by 11.5 inches high. These drawers are interlocking; meaning each of them opens at a time. Well, this helps prevent tipping.


  • No assembly needed – wheels come attached
  • Quality is nice and the cabinet seems sturdy
  • Wheels do not leave marks on the floor
  • The finish is lovely and the price is right


  • Would be better if a rack was included to resize to letter-sized files

09. Aurora Modern Soho 3-Drawer File Cabinet (FC-103RT)

A letter size hanging file frame and a pencil storage drawer come with the Aurora FC-103RT File Cabinet. These are included to help you have an easy time organizing your files. Drawers with full high-side easily accommodate letter size, hanging file folders. Moreover, drawers have a glide suspension system that ensures smooth performance.

Built to last, this file cabinet boasts solid metal construction, which, in turn, has an electrostatic anti-rust spraying finish. All these improve the durability of the file cabinet. Smooth-rolling casters make the cabinet extremely effortless to move.

The front 2 have a brake function to promote safety. The cabinet also has an interlocking feature that allows just 1 drawer to expand at a time. The overall dimensions of the cabinet are 15.5 inches wide by 20.7 inches long by 25.1 inches high.


  • Metallic yet looks wooden
  • Metal constructions are very sturdy
  • Available in different colors to choose from
  • Lightweight, and, therefore, easy to maneuver


  • The metal housing is not resistant to finger smudges

10. Laura Davidson Furniture Stockpile 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

Laura Davidson Furniture 3-Drawer File Cabinet displays a modern style that makes it a perfect addition to any décor. It also has a smooth surface and rounded corners that further improve its aesthetics as well as making it safe to use. Premium ball bearing glides make sure drawers open and close smoothly all the time.

Besides, this 3-drawer organizer is made of cold-rolled, powder-coated steel that is up to 20-percent stronger compared to typical steel. Cold-rolled steel also ensures more precise shaping.

The two keys for locking the drawers are unique and will give you peace of mind knowing that your files are secure. Moreover, this file cabinet is covered by a 2-year warranty to protect against the unfortunate. Plus it comes with a drawer divider and a pencil tray.


Opening and closing the drawer feel great
The cabinet arrives wonderfully packed
The company stands behind the cabinet
The lock and keys work as imagined


Tends to move forward when the bottom drawer is opened

Buying Guide: The Best 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet

This buying guide presents you with the factors to have in mind when buying a 3-drawer filing cabinet.

The Material Used for Construction

Some 3-drawer filing cabinets are made of wood while others are made of steel. Cabinets made of steel are obviously sturdier than those made of wood. They are, however, prone to dents, especially if the steel they are constructed with is thin. On the other hand, cabinets made of wood are good looking but again they can be expensive.


3-drawer filing cabinets come in different sizes. Some are pretty huge and perfect for an office or room with a lot of space. Others are quite short and are meant to be placed under a desk. You should choose a cabinet depending on the size of your office.

Anti-tipping Design

Nothing is as annoying as trying to open a file cabinet and it starts to threaten to tip over. It is, therefore, advisable that you go for a unit with an anti-tipping design. Such a unit is normally equipped with wheels that have a brake function. It also has an interlocking feature, which ensures that only one drawer opens at a time.


One of the ways to keep your files organized is to have them stored in a 3 drawer filing cabinet. The different drawers in this organizer make it easy to neatly keep all your things where you can come back later and find them in perfect condition.

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