Let’s get a few facts straight with the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. The first thing that we are going to talk about is the MacBook Air.

The facts about MacBook Air are as followed.

The MacBook Air will cost you one thousand seven hundred and Ninety nine dollars. The base is one point six GHz model. The weight is only at three pounds. The size of a MacBook Air is the size from zero point six inches high. Trackpad is able to recognize multitouch gestures. Ethernet MacBook Air doesn’t have that. So with the MacBook Air you do not, get many qualities with it. You’re only going to be paying out a lot of money for something that you later on not going to want. Always do your research before you make a purchase of anything. Just becuase a price is higher does not mean that you’re always going to have the best of quality. These are the only qualities that you will get with a MacBook Air. Now we are going to talk about the MacBook Pro, and the qualities that you will get with it.

With the MacBook Pro, it will cost you one thousand four hundred ninetynine dollars. Which is a lot better than the MacBook Air. With the MacBook Pro, it is the third generation keyboard. And they have improved it also. They also have the butterfly keyboard. While you are typing on the keyboard, it is very quiet. They have improved the buttons, and they are a lot better than what they were with the old version. The keyboard last a lot longer than the old versions. The MacBook Pro is anywhere from thirteen to fivteen inches, which are an amazing option to have. It also has multicore benchmarks. The MacBook Pro also has bluetooth five, which is an amazing option to have. With a MacBook Pro, you can reach up to eight hundred feet with the bluetooth five device that is a grate option to have. You will not get that with any other device for anything. You can play music all the way from inside your home to listen to while you are outside working on something. The MacBook Pro has also improved their speakers. Which is amazing if you just want to simply watch movies on you device. Or if you simply just use your device for school work, or if you use your device for work. Also with the movies they have improved their video. So when you watch a video on your device, it’ll be just like watching it on your tv, or mabey even better than your tv. With a MacBook Pro, you also get better ram. You don’t have that option with any other devices. This way, you get more bang for your buck this way. The MacBook Pro also has true tone display which you don’t get that with just any device. Imagine of how your display screen is going to look. The MacBook Pro also has thunder bolt three. With all this being said and done the best outcome is going to be with the MacBook Pro.

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