Even though there are other e-commerce sites, Amazon is one of the world’s most famous e-commerce sites and currently boasts over 24 million active users. It is particularly popular thanks to its diverse selection of products. As a way to reward its shoppers, Amazon offers a variety of ways in which shoppers can save money. Unfortunately, the majority of its shoppers have no idea how they can get the best deals and discounts. Fortunately, these discount shopping techniques are no secret and if you are among the lot who had no idea how they can cut on costs, then here are some top ways to get more discounts while shopping for Best infrared ovens and Best dinnerware sets on Amazon.

Hit the Amazon Warehouse

The Amazon warehouse is an excellent place to start if you are looking for ways to get more discounts while shopping on Amazon. The Amazon warehouse is more like a digital clearance platform where shoppers can return goods. Here you can find returned, opened or slightly damaged and gently used products at ridiculously discounted prices. The good news is that it is open for everyone and through it, you can find that excellent home theatre you’ve been dreaming of at a much-discounted price. Even though there are great deals all year round, the best time to hit the warehouse is after holidays such as Christmas as people tend to return gifts after the celebration period is over.

Check out Amazon outlet

The Amazon outlet is similar to the warehouse except that here, all items on sale are the ones that merchants might have overstocked, thus forcing them to sell at lower prices to clear out old stock. It also has more categories to select from which means you get a wide selection of products to purchase at a discounted price.

Amazon gift cards

Amazon gift cards are real people! And you can use them to save big and get that blender or any other product that you’ve been eyeing. However, getting these gift cards can be pretty tricky to find. One way to get your hands on these cards is through sites which match you with Amazon gift card sellers such as Gift Card Granny. If you have gift cards that you are not using, you can also sell them on such sites for cash.

Trade in

As noted, Amazon creates a string of programs which make it possible for shoppers to save. Apart from the earlier mentioned program, the Amazon Trade-in program is yet another innovative one that you could use to save you some bucks. Through the program, you can send items such as electronics, video games and even books in exchange for gift cards that you can later use to shop for what you want.

Add to cart and check out later

As unusual as it might sound, this tactic works. You see as an e-commerce platform; Amazon wants you to buy which is the reason the site is there anyway. So when you add something to your cart and wait a few days, they will usually follow you up by sending you a reminder that you did not complete your purchase. Most of the times, this reminder often comes with an additional discount which is meant to encourage you to finalize your purchase. Nevertheless, this is not guaranteed but it works for most people so why not you. Use it for products that you don’t need urgently.

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