Some people do not like to use WordPress for their online needs. What can you use as a safe alternative to the WordPress phenomenon? I have a list of 5 safe alternatives you can choose from below. 

1) Wix

Wix is available for home business or personal use. It comes with pre-designed templates ready and available. You can modify them however you like. What you do is use the drop page builder in the menu portion. Wix has an assortment of plans you can choose from. Yes, to answer your question, they do accept Paypal. 

I suggest comparing the two side-by-side before using either one. That way you can see which one is going to be the better fit. Click here for more details

You can switch from one to the other without a fuss. Do you find that Wix is not working for you anymore? Click on to find out how to switch from one to the other. This article presents a detailed analysis of how to accomplish that goal. 

2) Shopify

This is a great alternative for those looking to build an online store. You can, of course, use it for other things. It is designed. however, for those who wish to sell. You can do everything from selling your goods to accepting payments and shipping them out. 

Some people compare it to the WooCommerce site. I suggest visiting this page for a detailed look at the two. That way you know which sites offer what and whether it is going to fit into your goals. 

3) Weebly

“Weebles wobble, but they will not fall down!”

It is an old joke, sorry! 

The choice is similar to the Wix choice but on a different level. It is a good choice for backup, but your options will be limited. Click to read a detailed report of the two. 

Now, you might be tired of working with Weebly and wish to switch back. Click for how you can do that. 

4) Medium

This is one of the more popular publishing platforms online today. The one thing separates it from WordPress is that it operates more as a blogger platform instead of full content. The goal is to connect people through stories and ideas. 

The platform is great for writers, editors, and publishers. 

5) Ghost

This is not the movie version, though they do share the name. Ghost combines the ideas of Medium and WordPress. It focuses more on the blogger aspect of a business. Those who have a blogging business or want to start one are going to find this site very useful. It cleans out the clutter. Ghost tries to make the experience better for the writer and the reader.

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