Word Press is an exceptional content management system solver. Word Press has been proven the ultimate software after many others were tested. Some of these included Magento, Drupal as well as others. Word Press has an extraordinary user interface. It is extremely search friendly, also, it is simple to update and is safeguard worthy. 

Be aware when choosing a theme for your site. Many themes have grown excessively with code which makes them slow to load. Also, they are not correctly constructed. Word Press should be lightweight and fast. Any new website created needs to be mobile friendly, quick to respond. There is a test tool called Google mobile friendly. If for some reason your website is older and does not respond as quickly as it should. It is an excellent idea to rebuild it. It is just a waste of cash to continue putting money it to it. It is also, not time efficient on search engine optimization if the website is not mobile friendly. 

Web page speed is crucial today. Slow sites do not function on mobile devices. They tend to have reduced speed which hinders them from being responsive. GT Metrix is one of ultimate choices to examine the quickness of your site. The W3 total cache plug in for Word Press increases speed optimization. There are numerous greatly developed settings you can utilize which enables speed optimization. Be cautious since some of these settings possibly may break your site. For that reason, it is necessary to test every one to evaluate what works best for your web site. 

If you have experience using Word Press for any amount of time, chances are you may have become quite acquainted with its edition. It is quite possible that you have heard some general but unofficial opinions of an future direction in the way World Press users produce content. So you will most likely ask the question, “what exactly is Gutenberg?” It will make an extreme change in the methods you use. For instance, the way you create posts, pages, and products. This will also be true with just about everything else that you do on your site. Gutenberg is part of Word Press 5.0. The date it was available was November, 2018. That is why it is so important to get up to speed now. 

If you are still somewhat confused about Gutenberg it is actually easy. It is a totally new breakthrough for Word Press editor. It is executed to be several times more similar to website and page builder tools. But, like everything else there are upsides and downsides features of Gutenberg. The developers of Gutenberg have built the content creation method to be more understandable and simpler for beginners to grasp. Gutenberg offers you addition options for customizing your material through a variety of distinct elements. 

It is not quite up to par to be made a part of the main platform yet. So, it should be kept as a segregated plugin for the foreseeable future. Gutenberg will be created to be a part of Word Press. Whether it is a needed change or not. You should at least be ready to accept it and learn it.

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