Creating websites have recently picked up in the internet industry as the new way for people to express their ideas, their business or just themselves. Many people are now creating websites for personal use and business use to capture more attention to there message. Although there are millions of websites on the internet today, some are just simply better than others in appearance and quality. Having quality and efficiency in a website is very essential in order for website owners to get the attention that they want from there website visitors. One way that website owners can get the best quality website to impress there visitors is to choose the right web hosting. Too often, website owners and website creators skip this essential step, and it can lead to poor website traffic in the long run. In fact, quite a few website owners focus more on the website design, appearance and content, and focus less on the technical back office part. But in order for a website to be high quality, it is very important to keep up the hosting that has a big impact on the sites quality. Here are two important kinds of servers and hosting, why they are important and which is the best:

What Does Servers and Hostings Do In A Website?

First let’s talk about web servers and what it does when talking about websites. A web servers is a software or hardware that allows users to have one or more websites. It also does its part in serving emails, security characteristics and saving published web pages. Web hosting on the other hand allows individuals and a community of people to make there website obtainable worldwide. Websites are normally hosted or stored on the computers server. In other words, the website hosting is the actual website and website servers saves the website to make it accessible to anyone in the world with internet connection.

What Is The Difference Between Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server?

Now that you know a little bit more about servers and hostings in terms of websites, let’s explain what the difference between the two. Cloud hosting has been relatively new in the website industry and has been known to be a better way to host computers. With cloud hosting, there isn’t a physical server or hosting that is tangible. It is virtual which is why it is called cloud hosting. With other types of site servers, you are limited to certain actions. But with cloud hosting, it allows you to share information to multiple servers virtually online. Dedicated server is very similar, but instead the user does not know what hardware server they are on.

So in other words, cloud hosting is considered better than a dedicated server because it can easier to move data virtually. Dedicated servers is known to be an older way to store website data, while cloud hosting is a newer and more efficient way to move and store website data. Although Dedicated Servers are still being used everyday and work perfectly fine in helping people store website data, Cloud Hosting is much more efficient and more transferable.

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