How To Get more discount on Amazon And Save Money

Even though there are other e-commerce sites, Amazon is one of the world’s most famous e-commerce sites and currently boasts over 24 million active users. It is particularly popular thanks to its diverse selection of products. As a way to reward its shoppers, Amazon offers a variety of ways in which shoppers can save money. Unfortunately, the majority of its shoppers have no idea how they can get the best deals and discounts. Fortunately, these discount shopping techniques are no secret and if you are among the lot who had no idea how they can cut on costs, then here are some top ways to get more discounts while shopping for Best infrared ovens and Best dinnerware sets on Amazon.

Hit the Amazon Warehouse

The Amazon warehouse is an excellent place to start if you are looking for ways to get more discounts while shopping on Amazon. The Amazon warehouse is more like a digital clearance platform where shoppers can return goods. Here you can find returned, opened or slightly damaged and gently used products at ridiculously discounted prices. The good news is that it is open for everyone and through it, you can find that excellent home theatre you’ve been dreaming of at a much-discounted price. Even though there are great deals all year round, the best time to hit the warehouse is after holidays such as Christmas as people tend to return gifts after the celebration period is over.

Check out Amazon outlet

The Amazon outlet is similar to the warehouse except that here, all items on sale are the ones that merchants might have overstocked, thus forcing them to sell at lower prices to clear out old stock. It also has more categories to select from which means you get a wide selection of products to purchase at a discounted price.

Amazon gift cards

Amazon gift cards are real people! And you can use them to save big and get that blender or any other product that you’ve been eyeing. However, getting these gift cards can be pretty tricky to find. One way to get your hands on these cards is through sites which match you with Amazon gift card sellers such as Gift Card Granny. If you have gift cards that you are not using, you can also sell them on such sites for cash.

Trade in

As noted, Amazon creates a string of programs which make it possible for shoppers to save. Apart from the earlier mentioned program, the Amazon Trade-in program is yet another innovative one that you could use to save you some bucks. Through the program, you can send items such as electronics, video games and even books in exchange for gift cards that you can later use to shop for what you want.

Add to cart and check out later

As unusual as it might sound, this tactic works. You see as an e-commerce platform; Amazon wants you to buy which is the reason the site is there anyway. So when you add something to your cart and wait a few days, they will usually follow you up by sending you a reminder that you did not complete your purchase. Most of the times, this reminder often comes with an additional discount which is meant to encourage you to finalize your purchase. Nevertheless, this is not guaranteed but it works for most people so why not you. Use it for products that you don’t need urgently.

6 Most Important Plugins for Your WordPress Site

WordPress is an excellent platform to execute and run your blogs, but WordPress plugins make it control SEO and spam comments, checking broken links, creating ads that generate revenue and creating backup copies of your WordPress database is much easier. Without these extensions, you may need technical expertise beyond the usual blogger, not mentioning the time when plugins provide somethings like formulating a “contact” page and rating all of these spam comments.

The following the 6 main plugins you use in all your blogs.

#1. Akismet

It is a most known plugin that verifies your comments upon the Akismet website service to see if it looks spam. You can check your spam in “Comments”. Without this plugin, your blog may be full of unwanted comments that you do not want your readers to read.

#2. Jetpack: Share on Twitter and Facebook with just one click

This is one of the most powerful plugins you have activated. Among the many functions, you can activate it after installing it, an excellent interface to share on social networks that uses a drag-and-drop system to place buttons for sharing on your pages and publications.

Another powerful element is the ability to track the statistics of your site without having to configure and publish Google Analytics. (I’m not a fan of the complexity of this application, so use Jetpack to track my statistics).

#3. CommentLuv: Improve the effectiveness of your online presence

One of the best ways to generate credibility is to involve an active community on the website and the blog, but how do you encourage people to spend some time leaving a comment? (Think about your reading habits: how many blogs do you read versus the number of comments you make?)

CommentLuv encourages the participation of readers by promoting those who write and leave a comment. With CommentLuv enabled, a link to the participant’s last post appears directly with your name or name.

#4. Yoast SEO

This plugin is used to make any search engine website friendly. Improve your WordPress site by adding Meta tags so that search engines can find it. It aims to move to the top of any search engine. Also, it also provides a site map that makes any search engine aware of its existence. It also helps to review the details of the pages of minutes, such as the duration of the publication, the presence of labels and if it contains keywords.

#5. WP-DBManager

This one is used to manage the database of your WordPress. It permits you to customize your database, back up the database, alter the database, delete the backup copy of the database, restore the database, delete / empty tables and execute specific queries. It supports automatic backup and database optimization programming. This may be a compliment that is overlooked in WordPress because it only needs a backup when your blog is hacked or fails due to technical problems. It may not be as good to trust your backup hosting account as you believe since blogs should be backed up regularly, as they constantly change as new posts are added regularly.

#6. Mail Chimp

If viewers leave your site, a pop-up window will appear to request a subscription via email. It is the best program to improve the conversion rate because it allows users of abandoned websites to become email subscribers. With Mail Chimp, you can create attractive and easy-to-use registration forms. You can also launch marketing campaigns to create your brand that generates emails, ads, landing pages, etc. for your campaign.


The key to a successful website is to use a plug-in only if necessary. Using many additional WordPress components can cause other problems if you are not careful. In case you install a more significant number of plugins, this will reduce the speed of your website, and it will take a long time to open. You will not want to give up people even before you see your website and risk losing business. The plugin is just another set of icons implemented on your site.

If you do not know how to dial, you will need a web developer who will install a code plug-in to achieve the same results. The developer will also customize the plugin according to the needs of your website using the markup. So it does not matter how many plugins you have installed.

6 Important Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

Nowadays, if you require to create and develop a website for your company, you can choose between many different platforms. Although WordPress started as a platform for blogs, many companies also use their websites. The ease of use and flexibility make it ideal for people who require to create a website but are not smart intelligently. So ever, for those who know the ins and outs of PHP and CSS, WordPress can be customized to meet your business needs.

The following are 6 Important Reasons You Should Use WordPress:

#1. Unlimited uses

WordPress has unlimited uses and applications. It’s a Swiss knife made of knives. You can utilize WordPress to develop a personal website where you can write about your family and friends, share photos, keep in touch with distant loved ones and make all this available from anywhere in the globe at any moment of the day. You can additionally utilize WordPress to develop a site for your company that enables you to publish marketing material on the Internet easily. You can additionally utilize WordPress to develop a personal blog about yourself and use it to meet people who share and love you.

#2. Open source software.

WordPress is released as an open source program, which means that it lets you use it for free. You can utilize WordPress for any commercial or personal site without requiring to pay a file for it. It’s based on the PHP programming language and the MySQL database server (which is also open), which are two Internet standards that provide a high level of security and reliability.

#3. Easy to use

You don’t need to be familiar with using it for your website. Most web hosting companies today offer you the possibility of installing WordPress with a few clicks of the mouse. I highly recommend HostGator. It is easy to navigate in your administration section, and it is easy to add articles and web pages to your site.

#4. Plugins Extend Functionality

WordPress extensions let you add functionality to your website. They can do whatever they want and can install it in just a few clicks with the mouse. For example, if you require to show funny quotes on your website, download JPF Quotes WordPress Plugin will display your favorite random quotes with an image of the person saying the quote.

#5. SEO friendly

Whether you like it or not, the internet is set up by the three main search engines: Google, MSN and Yahoo. Everybody decides to use these search engines to search websites using keywords. These search engines “crawl” your website and then index your website in your system based on your content … that’s good. If your website is not indexed, people who search for it will not find it unless they type their URL directly in their browser. WordPress uses different techniques to improve it and convert it into a suitable search engine so that it can be indexed quickly and easily. For example: send sounds to other sites, create categories, tag your posts, use h1 / h2 tags, etc.

#6. Great support from the community.

Recent statistics indicate that WordPress is used in more than 1% of the world’s websites. There is a bigger community that backs the creation of this program. If you have a problem or want to do something more advanced with your WordPress site, you can see all available WordPress forums and communities and find solutions to all your queries. It is very likely that many WordPress users have encountered the same problem as you or are already doing what they want to do and are more than willing to help you.

If you like easy, simple and unadorned bloggers, WordPress is right for you. This is the easiest-to-use code host you’ll ever see. If you know how to use Cpanel, then you have a good start. Cpanel allows you to install WordPress with a single click. To create a blog with WordPress, you do not need to be studying or know any specific information on the computer. A little common sense on the computer is useful and the desire to create the best possible blog. Now you are going to use the wonderful WordPress website to develop and create your personal or commercial website!

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliate

Building an Amazon affiliate store can make you rich. Yes, but this is not a get-rich scheme. You can build links to the store so you can truly get high-quality visitors and make good money. But you have to know what you are doing so you can get results. Continue reading “5 Best WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliate”

Want To Become A Youtube Sensation?

So, you want to be a rockstar, or perhaps act like one, right? It is not as easy as it sounds. Sure, if you already have money and notoriety, you can start a reality show, like the Kardashians. However, there is now another way to get famous, with hardly any monetary investment. Well, at least, not the ind of money that goes into producing a television show, or trying to become famous as a real rockstar. 

Youtube has made made countless people, overnight millionaires, and get this, it was just from turning their phones around videoing themselves. Who would have known, that making an idiot out of yourself, according to some, would make you rich. Remember the guy that loved Britney Spears? Everyone tuned in to see what crazy thing he would say next. Sure you might have thought he was crazy, but he had the last laugh, all the way to the bank. Sounds easy right? But is isn’t all that easy. It actually takes work, and ingenuity. 

The competition is fierce, now that people are seeing the kind of money that can be made, as an amateur star. So, how do you go about making yourself popular, and therefore generating income? It takes a lot of finesse, and smart marketing. Where do you get these ideas? This article will attempt to show you ways, to market yourself, and possibly become a self made millionaire. 

The idea, is to get thousands of people talking about your videos. This word of mouth or social media attention, gets you more clicks, with advertisers wanting to jump on board your wave. Advertiser pay you for garnering attention to them. The more activity, the more money you can make. There are people who show their kids playing with new toys that are out. The toy manufacturers love this. Gaming people are showing themselves interacting with others, showcasing video games. 

People that travel a lot, are giving reviews of every place they travel. They also show, how to make traveling easier. Some people show how to fix things, make things, and sell things. The opportunities are endless. Everyone’s new “go to” is You Tube. What does it look like, do people like it, how do I fix it, and much much more. As a matter of fact, about 30 million people a day peruse youtube,. Why not garner some money from it. 
Your first thing to think about, is your niche. Up to 100 hours of video are uploaded each minute, so you have your work cut out for you to get those much needed views. Specialize in what you are truly proficient at. Whatever you want to sell, has to be something that you are very knowledgeable about. Pick out a general theme, but stick to one product at a time. Don’t overwhelm people, or you will lose them in a few seconds. It has to be something that a lot of people like, as well. 

Next, make sure to use “key” important words to attract attention, but be true to the product or service. There is nothing worse than misleading people with a title. They will steer clear of you, from then on. An example would be to have a title with something Like “Get total Air, dude”, making them believe it is a great new skateboard or inline skates, when it is actually an air conditioner? It was just an example, don’t hold it against me. 
Meta tags are more of the same, as with key words. You must be able to reach the market, you are targeting. Research other “youtubers” who rank high with many clicks. See what tags and words they are using, as they are obviously successful. It will give you a better idea of what to use. 
Now, you have to come up with a great description of your video. The description of a video, pops up right with the title. A description often helps “search engine bots” to learn what your video is about. Most importantly, have a URL to your website included, so people can further investigate about you. 

Don’t be afraid to add “playlists” to yours. It helps to boost viewership, as people who like the same types of videos, will venture over to yours. This will help to raise your ranks, to be highly sought after, if done right. 
Having done all the aforementioned, you can build a following. It won’t be overnight, unless it is something absolutely fabulous. Encourage viewers to hit like and share”. Many have catchy tunes, or funny animal GIFs that they use, that people remember. Remember the continuous Michael Bolton commercials for Honda? These were done with the intention of you remembering them. You have to continuously work on keeping your viewers, as well. Good luck on your you tube adventure!

How to be Success with WooCommerce

Today no matter what business you are in, you will discover not using all the latest search engine optimization techniques you will fall behind the competition. You need the knowledge of Woo Commerce Theme as well. SEO is a marketing tool concentrating on expanding visibility in search engine results. SEO achieves technical and innovated elements mandatory to advance rankings. It also, drives traffic and broadens awareness in search engines. There are multiple features to SEO from the words on your page to the approach of other sites. As they link to you on the web. There are times when SEO is easily a matter of assuring your site is formatted in a manner that search engines understand. 

Is there a reason why your website requires SEO? Most of web traffic is driven by the leading commercial search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are among them. Despite, social media along with other forms of traffic yields visits to your website. Search engines are the principal method of guiding the majority of people. This holds true whether your site offers content or services. Also, products or data. Or just about anything else. 

Search questions, meaning the words that individuals type, have a huge impact. It proves to have a remarkable significance. Past experience has proven that search engine traffic is so powerful that it can accomplish huge success. But, it can also destroy a businesses success. Specific aimed traffic to a website can render pubic awareness, revenue and much publicity like nothing else can in marketing. By making an investment into SEO rate of return can be extraordinary. When compared to other forms of marketing and advertising you will be amazed. 

When you make a decision to add an online store, it is a huge step. It is a big step working towards enlarging your already existing customer platform and increasing your money you make. Woo Commerce Theme has many advantages which make it the perfect solution for any small business owner to make a bold statement. This includes the business owners who desire to sell online in an elegant method. It doesn’t matter if you are selling physical or digital products. It can even be an affiliation of both. 

Discovery a good theme for your website can actually be a difficult job. It is somewhat enticing to go searching for themes prior to doing anything else in your store. It is a definite that you would be interesting to view your shop. Seeing what it will look like to your customers, the finished product. Although, you may then find that your theme doesn’t completely support Woo Commerce or possibly the other plugins. If these are ones you want to use, that can prove to be a problem. 

But what could even be worse is if you discover yourself purchasing numerous premium themes just to try to get that ideal look you desire for your store. There are themes that not only contain styles for Woo Commerce. Also, the look sensational with nearly all of the official Woo Commerce add ons. There won’t be the need to buy many diverse themes to use. Actually, you don’t have to buy them at all.

Five Sites You Can Use As Sa Safe Alternative To WordPress

Some people do not like to use WordPress for their online needs. What can you use as a safe alternative to the WordPress phenomenon? I have a list of 5 safe alternatives you can choose from below. 

1) Wix

Wix is available for home business or personal use. It comes with pre-designed templates ready and available. You can modify them however you like. What you do is use the drop page builder in the menu portion. Wix has an assortment of plans you can choose from. Yes, to answer your question, they do accept Paypal. 

I suggest comparing the two side-by-side before using either one. That way you can see which one is going to be the better fit. Click here for more details

You can switch from one to the other without a fuss. Do you find that Wix is not working for you anymore? Click on to find out how to switch from one to the other. This article presents a detailed analysis of how to accomplish that goal. 

2) Shopify

This is a great alternative for those looking to build an online store. You can, of course, use it for other things. It is designed. however, for those who wish to sell. You can do everything from selling your goods to accepting payments and shipping them out. 

Some people compare it to the WooCommerce site. I suggest visiting this page for a detailed look at the two. That way you know which sites offer what and whether it is going to fit into your goals. 

3) Weebly

“Weebles wobble, but they will not fall down!”

It is an old joke, sorry! 

The choice is similar to the Wix choice but on a different level. It is a good choice for backup, but your options will be limited. Click to read a detailed report of the two. 

Now, you might be tired of working with Weebly and wish to switch back. Click for how you can do that. 

4) Medium

This is one of the more popular publishing platforms online today. The one thing separates it from WordPress is that it operates more as a blogger platform instead of full content. The goal is to connect people through stories and ideas. 

The platform is great for writers, editors, and publishers. 

5) Ghost

This is not the movie version, though they do share the name. Ghost combines the ideas of Medium and WordPress. It focuses more on the blogger aspect of a business. Those who have a blogging business or want to start one are going to find this site very useful. It cleans out the clutter. Ghost tries to make the experience better for the writer and the reader.

Top 4 Best PHP Framework for 2019

There are many different frameworks that can be used to coding, designing, development of websites and applications. Each one has special unique features that are specific to the creator of the software. Just like everything else, each person has their own favorites, software is no different. If someone asked 100 people which PHP framework is the best, there would be 100 different answers because being the best is actually just a matter of opinion. So, there is no real definitive answer to this question, Just it’s always best to do research for yourself, compare the different types of software, seeing for yourself which is the best for you & your project needs, by comparing the various CMS (content management system) framework software. 

elow is a short list of PHP framework software that is some of the most popular, however it’s nowhere near a complete list of all that is out there by no means, but it is a good start. It is always best to do your own research, either by trial or by looking at the specs: 

1) Zen Framework 

This is a full featured and robust framework that is object orientated. The framework is extendable mainly because of the way the framework is put together; the interface is top of the line and is excellent for complex corporate level projects. It is highly customizable and adheres to PHP best practices. You can create modules or add-ons for more functionality if needed and so much more. 

2) Yii Framework 

The “YII” stands for “Yes It Is”, and is simple and evolutionary. This is what many are saying about this framework. It’s easy to install and get up and running for faster turnaround time on getting your projects completed. It also boasts on being security conscience and the features to make your projects more secure with more ways to secure the back end and front end of your project built into the framework. It also is excellent where speed and performance is concerned but be prepared for a huge learning curve if you’re familiar with it already. 

3) FuelPHP 

This framework is perfect for medium complex to corporate sized projects. It is highly flexible and completely customizable and installs easily with plenty of documentation to help you get started faster. One of its biggest assets is its security features; it goes far beyond regular security measures. Since it is relatively new on the scene though, support may be thin and the learning curve may be substantial. 

4) Slim 

This is one framework that is highly regarded and many prefer because of being a micro-framework it is able to help developers create awesome web sites quickly that are powerful but yet simple. It creates API’s with ease which helps with tight time constraints. Finally it is good for smaller projects where a full featured framework is really unnecessary. It is perfect for creating services like API’s and web and mobile apps. Even has an alert system to help alert to issues affecting your project. 

Now this obviously is nowhere near the full list of framework software but these software programs are some of the high regarded ones and freely available for the most part. Open source software have been gaining popularity over the last few years and gaining ground all the time to be able to match commercial ones, which is economically sound for those who are on tight budgets. One does not have to purchase costly software now with the open source community having software that is just good as the ones that is purchased.