Critical Information That Is Essential About SEO And Gutenberg In Word Press

Word Press is an exceptional content management system solver. Word Press has been proven the ultimate software after many others were tested. Some of these included Magento, Drupal as well as others. Word Press has an extraordinary user interface. It is extremely search friendly, also, it is simple to update and is safeguard worthy. 

Be aware when choosing a theme for your site. Many themes have grown excessively with code which makes them slow to load. Also, they are not correctly constructed. Word Press should be lightweight and fast. Any new website created needs to be mobile friendly, quick to respond. There is a test tool called Google mobile friendly. If for some reason your website is older and does not respond as quickly as it should. It is an excellent idea to rebuild it. It is just a waste of cash to continue putting money it to it. It is also, not time efficient on search engine optimization if the website is not mobile friendly. 

Web page speed is crucial today. Slow sites do not function on mobile devices. They tend to have reduced speed which hinders them from being responsive. GT Metrix is one of ultimate choices to examine the quickness of your site. The W3 total cache plug in for Word Press increases speed optimization. There are numerous greatly developed settings you can utilize which enables speed optimization. Be cautious since some of these settings possibly may break your site. For that reason, it is necessary to test every one to evaluate what works best for your web site. 

If you have experience using Word Press for any amount of time, chances are you may have become quite acquainted with its edition. It is quite possible that you have heard some general but unofficial opinions of an future direction in the way World Press users produce content. So you will most likely ask the question, “what exactly is Gutenberg?” It will make an extreme change in the methods you use. For instance, the way you create posts, pages, and products. This will also be true with just about everything else that you do on your site. Gutenberg is part of Word Press 5.0. The date it was available was November, 2018. That is why it is so important to get up to speed now. 

If you are still somewhat confused about Gutenberg it is actually easy. It is a totally new breakthrough for Word Press editor. It is executed to be several times more similar to website and page builder tools. But, like everything else there are upsides and downsides features of Gutenberg. The developers of Gutenberg have built the content creation method to be more understandable and simpler for beginners to grasp. Gutenberg offers you addition options for customizing your material through a variety of distinct elements. 

It is not quite up to par to be made a part of the main platform yet. So, it should be kept as a segregated plugin for the foreseeable future. Gutenberg will be created to be a part of Word Press. Whether it is a needed change or not. You should at least be ready to accept it and learn it.

What is the Best JavaScript Frameworks in 2019

JavaScript was the most popular programming language in 2018 because of its simplicity and its ease of use. Not only can developers design and modify their pages in several ways they can add functionalities to web apps. Java script’s efficiency, security and Low-cost results have made it known and the best programming language out there 
JavaScript is bound to hold its position as the most popular programming language for the next 5 years since they are constantly replacing the old coding methods with new ones. 

This article will enlighten you on the best JavaScript frameworks in 2019 Good JavaScript frameworks are; 

Most definitely safe they have strong security as most users back them up on this 
Their lower prices for fast and easy building of custom apps make them cost-effective 
Efficiency is their thing, one can develop web applications and interfaces over a few weeks. 

Experts have it that the best JavaScript frameworks in the market are Angular.js Node JS and React. 


Angular JS is designed to build dynamic web applications .it is a client-side technology that gives a really powerful combination of functionalities of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 
Angular helps in developing across all platforms through using one way to build applications for any development target either web, native mobile, and native desktop 
APPs built using Angular JS can be broken down into multiple components that are then broken down to files making the apps east to manage 

Features of Angular JS. 

Has HTML templates


• It has two data binding function that helps developers to write codes 

• Has faster development of clean understandable and error-free code 

• Better and natural development and testing is assisted by Agular’s integral dependency injection 

• It has directives that make it effortless to build custom HTML tags 


It’s among the best due to its I/O principle for developing efficient and lightweight applications. 

Node applications can run on operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux .its single-threaded event loop enables it to handle multiple requests at the same time 
It also has the widest ecosystem for open source libraries its latest form supports ESM 
Features of Node JS 

  • • Has an open source JS framework under the MIT license 
  • • Helps in data streaming from various sources and can be used to proxy some servers 
  • • Follows a single thread model that has event looping 
  • • NPM package that contains all files required for a module 
  • • It is very fast because it contains Google’s V8 engine 
  • Application and system monitoring dashboard 


It is an open source JavaScript library that develops user interfaces for single page applications. React allows one to handle view layers for webs and mobile phones 
It can be used with the other JavaScript libraries such as Angular JS JSX keeping the syntaxes shorter and simple 

Every react based project features a unique architecture with limited guidance. React is mainly used to build V (view) in them model .making it easy to update without reaching out to the server to get a fresh view 

Features of React.JS 

• Clean abstraction 
• One way data binding with flux control 
• Fast render with virtual DOM 
• Fast and efficient for front-end development 

It’s difficult to know the best JavaScript framework since they keep on changing. Hopefully, this article has explained the best JavaScript out there.

Top things you need to know before buying a WordPress theme

WordPress is an exciting tool that you can use to create a professional online storefront without incurring the traditional costs of hiring a web developer. Even though you always have the option of using the free WordPress, doing so isn’t a good idea as you will be locked out of some impressive features. Buying a WordPress theme opens up a world of opportunities for you as you unlock an assortment of features that enable you to create a crisp and professional looking website. But just before you make your move, here are a few things that you need to be in the know of, before purchasing a WordPress theme. 

Things you need to be aware of before buying a WordPress theme 

WordPress is more than just blogs 

Even though it initially began as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved, and it’s now more than that. WordPress is now one of the most downloaded content management system which means that you can now use it to create your website. 

Theme forest 

If you are a newbie to the digital world, WordPress to be precise, and planning to buy a theme, then you need to know about Theme Forest. 
Simply put, ThemeForest refers to the world’s largest and most popular WordPress theme marketplace. In other words, it is a platform where you and WordPress theme sellers connect. Developers on the platform often create a theme and then upload it so buyers can buy it. Because there are many themes here, it is easy to be spoilt for choice as there are countless options. Therefore you need to consider more than just the aesthetic appearance. This platform was launched in 2008 and is part of Envato markets. 

You have options when it comes to your web host 

When most people hear about WordPress, especially novices they tend to assume that is the only allowed platform that they can create their WordPress website on. Well, we are here to debunk that myth. You have options as you can opt for the fully hosted service on WordPress or you can take the self-hosting path. 
Self-hosting is where you choose a web-hosting provider for instance, Godaddy and then select your domain name. In other words, your WordPress website will still be fully functional even on the servers of another web host as you will still get unrestricted access to WordPress themes and plugins. However, you will be responsible for maintaining your site, which explains why it is called self-hosting. 

You don’t need to be IT savvy to self-host WordPress 

Since self-hosting involves you maintaining your site, it is easy to freak out thinking you will be required to handle all the technical stuff alone. Well, you can rest easy because you don’t have to be some IT geek to self-host. WordPress makes it easy for you even if you don’t have the slightest knowledge of coding. Even though you’ll be responsible for maintenance, for instance installing updates, all the hard work is already done for you as all the available updates are a click away. All you need to do is login to your site, and check out the available updates from WordPress and accept them by clicking yes, and your site will be good to go. Besides, WordPress boasts an impressive and active support community where you can ask for help anytime you are stuck.

Recovering From A Google Penalty

So you have gotten a Google penalty? Google penalties can come in two different ways which are partial matches and site-wide matches. And there are two ways that you can also get penalties from Google. That would be cloaking which is the act of showing a different web-page than what is shown to Google. The second one is sneaky redirections which is sending the user to a different page with a link that is different than shown to Google. But don’t worry there are also ways to recover from this Google penalty. 

The Google penalties can be fixed with these small simple steps: 

1. What you want to do is go to Google search console, then crawl, then fetch as Google, then fetch the portions that are affected on the portions of your website. 

2. Compare the content that has been fetched to the one that is on google. 

3. Then make changes to the different parts of the websites so that they can be the same. 

4. Also what you want to do is check all of the redirects that send the users on the website to a different direction than the ones that are shown on google. After that, you should remove them. 

5. Last but not least, you need to submit a reconsideration request form that for Google after you have fixed all of the problems that have come up. 

With these small simple steps, you can fix the penalties that you had got from google from either Cloaking which is the act of showing a different web-page than what is shown to Google. Or you had got it from sneaking which is sending the user to a different page with a link that is different than shown to Google. Both are major violations of the webmaster’s guideline for Google. 

Cloaking also has the first click violation which is when a webpage shows the full page to google but restricts the user from viewing the webpage when the user clicks on it. This problem can be fixed with two simple steps. 

1. is to make sure that the webpage content matches the same webpage shown on Google if not make the necessary changes to make sure that it is. 

2. is to send in another reconsideration request form to Google. 

Cloaking can also be for images too. For example, if the image redirects them another webpage that is not related to the image. Also, if the images are different than the ones shown on google. Steps to fix this are: 

1. make sure the images are the exact same as the ones that are on google. 

2. submit another reconsideration request form

Last but not least, also have the pure spam pages which unlike all of the other examples nobody can say they don’t know about. These are just either a whole bunch of gibberish on a webpage. Or either has scraped content. You need to make sure you make all of the changes necessary before you submit a webpage reconsideration form.