The five best WordPress image plugins include EWWW, WP Smush, Imagify, Optimole and Shortpixel.

#1. EWWW

EWWW image plugin automatically optimizes images as long as they are GIF, PNG or JPG files. The plugin also has a function that optimizes the whole catalog in case the user has many images. An advantage of EWWW is that its optimization occurs within the user’s servers by default-it doesn’t connect to third parties. As a result, optimization requires less time, which comes in handy for users with large files.

Moreover, it has the option of converting files to “best format”. You can choose between high compression or pixel perfect compression for your compression needs. EWWW has no speed limits. Additionally, it provides back up to original files for a period of 30 days.

EWWW image optimizer has two options-EWWW Optimizer and EWWW Cloud. EWWW Optimizer enables the user to compress files in their own servers while also using the API. Conversely, EWWW Cloud uses API only. Other features of EWWW Optimizer include PDF optimization, WebP and multiple compression options.

#2. WP Smush

WP Smush is available in both premium and free formats. Images uploaded to WordPress are automatically optimized (smushed, as its developer calls it). WP Smush has the bulk option which allows the user to “smush” multiple files. Its free version is limited to 50 files at a time.
Supposing you do not want to use the bulk option, you can optimize images individually. WP Smush free version uses lossless technique for optimization while its pro version cuts file sizes by half without loss of quality.

#3. Shortpixel

Shortpixel automatically optimizes files after uploading. It has a nice interface and bulk optimization option. Shortpixel plugin can remove or preserve EXIF data. It also provides maximum resolution for the uploaded images. In addition to PDF documents, JPG, GIF and PNG files, featured images and thumbnails can also be optimized as well. Best of all, Shortpixel plugin automatically saves backups of images uploaded into new folders. There is no file limit Shortpixel image optimizer.

Shortpixel has three levels of compression- Lossy, Glossy and Lossless. Users can resize their images to maximum dimensions. Shortpixel also offers “before/ after” feature which allows the user to determine if there’s any noticeable change of quality after compression.

#4. Imagify

Even though Imagify is a new go in optimization, it has made a name for itself due to its simple process and numerous options it offers. It has essential features that one can expect from a compression tool such as bulk compression and image resizing. It enables the user to optimize both old and new photos. Moreover, it allows manual compression of files. Imagify has three options of optimization which include Ultra, Aggressive and Normal.

Aggressive level enables the user to compress files without noticeable effect on visual quality. Ultra is the strongest compression level among the three. However, it may cause loss of color ratio. Nonetheless, ultra compression is highly effective in reducing file size. With the normal option, the quality of the image does not change. Imagify charges by aggregate file size, rather than the number of images compressed. Its free version enables the user to compress up to 25MB/month.

#5. Optimole

Optimole is a free plugin that reduces image size without visually altering it. With Optimole, images are compressed through lossy and lossless methods. It has 3 premium plan options that provide more disk space, priority support and CDN locations. A unique thing with Optimole Optimizer, beyond resizing and image compression, is that it provides image acceleration via its inbuilt CDN and lazy loading. However, they are both optional so the user can just use Optimole.

Optimole allows the user to choose from three options which include Low, Medium and High levels when compressing files. Optimole does compression in its own server. Therefore, it does not slow down the user’s site while compressing files.

EWWW is the best option since it’s flexible and makes the real difference in image size. Shortpixel can also be an option if you are willing to incur cost for the purpose of compressing files. Nevertheless, the above compression tools are the best in the market. They will make your website run at top speed, subsequently boosting your SEO.

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