JavaScript was the most popular programming language in 2018 because of its simplicity and its ease of use. Not only can developers design and modify their pages in several ways they can add functionalities to web apps. Java script’s efficiency, security and Low-cost results have made it known and the best programming language out there 
JavaScript is bound to hold its position as the most popular programming language for the next 5 years since they are constantly replacing the old coding methods with new ones. 

This article will enlighten you on the best JavaScript frameworks in 2019 Good JavaScript frameworks are; 

Most definitely safe they have strong security as most users back them up on this 
Their lower prices for fast and easy building of custom apps make them cost-effective 
Efficiency is their thing, one can develop web applications and interfaces over a few weeks. 

Experts have it that the best JavaScript frameworks in the market are Angular.js Node JS and React. 


Angular JS is designed to build dynamic web applications .it is a client-side technology that gives a really powerful combination of functionalities of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 
Angular helps in developing across all platforms through using one way to build applications for any development target either web, native mobile, and native desktop 
APPs built using Angular JS can be broken down into multiple components that are then broken down to files making the apps east to manage 

Features of Angular JS. 

Has HTML templates


• It has two data binding function that helps developers to write codes 

• Has faster development of clean understandable and error-free code 

• Better and natural development and testing is assisted by Agular’s integral dependency injection 

• It has directives that make it effortless to build custom HTML tags 


It’s among the best due to its I/O principle for developing efficient and lightweight applications. 

Node applications can run on operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux .its single-threaded event loop enables it to handle multiple requests at the same time 
It also has the widest ecosystem for open source libraries its latest form supports ESM 
Features of Node JS 

  • • Has an open source JS framework under the MIT license 
  • • Helps in data streaming from various sources and can be used to proxy some servers 
  • • Follows a single thread model that has event looping 
  • • NPM package that contains all files required for a module 
  • • It is very fast because it contains Google’s V8 engine 
  • Application and system monitoring dashboard 


It is an open source JavaScript library that develops user interfaces for single page applications. React allows one to handle view layers for webs and mobile phones 
It can be used with the other JavaScript libraries such as Angular JS JSX keeping the syntaxes shorter and simple 

Every react based project features a unique architecture with limited guidance. React is mainly used to build V (view) in them model .making it easy to update without reaching out to the server to get a fresh view 

Features of React.JS 

• Clean abstraction 
• One way data binding with flux control 
• Fast render with virtual DOM 
• Fast and efficient for front-end development 

It’s difficult to know the best JavaScript framework since they keep on changing. Hopefully, this article has explained the best JavaScript out there.

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